Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Are knowledge and talent skills that can be taught in the workplace, Essay

Are knowledge and talent skills that can be taught in the workplace, or are they only acquired from experience - Essay Example Knowledge can be acquired through both teaching of an individual at the workplace and can also be acquired through experience. It is noteworthy that no skills are inborn but they are acquired by an individual as they grow. Many employers write job descriptions requiring skills for certain posts. Most hiring employers look for employees with certain skills rather than an individual with best talents. It is important for managers to understand that skill is a learned competence and everyone can be taught to develop a particular skill. Talent is a gift from God and reflects etymological roots of an individual. Talent cannot be taught in a workplace. If one wants to be a salesman, then with enough training, he or she can be taught to acquire this particular skill. In fields such as accounting, many people can read bank statements but few people can manage to manipulate the statements to identify viable investment opportunities. Communication is another area that clearly differentiates be tween the inborn or gifted characteristic and skills that can be acquired through teaching. Some people can talk throughout the day and what they are talking about influences other people. Some people have no ability to talk even for one hour. From these, we can note that skills can be acquired through teaching and experience (Santana, 2005). For more than 10 years, I have been hiring talented and skillful personnel to be my operations assistants. Last year, I was looking for a person with high profile in terms of skills that they were taught. I decided to employ a young man who had no skills.. I hired him because he had passion in the job. It was very fortunate that he learned how to do the job within a short period of time; he became the best among my employees. He turned out to be very productive more than the rest of the employees. From this, I learned that skills and knowledge can be acquired

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