Monday, November 18, 2019

Paper #1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Paper #1 - Essay Example As such, at a personal level, epistemology guides individuals in knowing the truth of their natural surrounding and having justified beliefs on senses of the past lives, as well as natural environment and science. An example of this is the fact that human beings have direct experiences in the process of knowledge gaining. Hence, knowledge of description and gaining are important in human life. Personal position on ethics is that it is an effective tool for offering meaning to social moral concepts. Such includes right of action, justice and obligation of an individual member in society. As such, people are able to make moral decisions in both private and public life and can understand what constitutes validation for the wrong-doing and acceptable moral behavior in society. Such is illustrated by the perception of logical positivists when they developed the theory of non-cognitivism or emotivism that focus on the expression of preferences and attitudes of individuals. The consideration of these is the morality of objectivity and subjectivity. A key lesson from Socrates is the need for happiness. Socrates illustrated this by making two points, which are; happiness constitutes the desires of people and happiness is not dependent on external things, but on how such things are used. Hence, a wise person uses the money in the best way to ensure that life is better, but an ignorant individual uses money in a poor way ending up with a worse lifestyle. Happiness is essential since it makes an individual to have a stress free life and enjoy the each and every second spend on planet earth. Plato and Socrates also offer another essential life lesson, which is happiness and virtue are two things that are linked together. As such, an individual cannot enjoy one under forget about the other. Hence, virtue and knowledge pleasure contributes in satisfaction and full-filling a complete human life. Such is

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